Charismatic Kalinchowk

On our way to kalinchowk we climbed up the steep hills sometimes drinking chhyang in the roadside hut and some time smelling rhododendrons. It was a summer day and the hill was challenging when we were temporarily stopped due to rainfall that force us to take shelter in one of the hut where we drank some tea and had some noodles. Energized by hot tea and dried yak meat we scaled up the high hills of Kalinchowk and finally reached Kuri our base camp. We took our dinner there and some of our friends were exhausted due to long walk and went for sleep while some were busy in camp fire. Altitude effect on weather could clearly be observed while touching water there which was ice cold.

Preparing to leave Kuri for kalinchowk

The next day we woke up early in the morning and climbed up to the kalinchowk temple which is located at the top of the hill from where one could get bird’s eyeview of the surroundings areas. Having visited kalinchowk and taking some snaps our journey concluded there and we returned back to kathmandu remembering and locking all the sweet events inside our hard disk.

On the way to kalinchowk

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