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  This article is not to advertise what I did or expose myself but I am writing this article with a hope that this information will be helpful to all the people from all over the world to know about … Continue reading

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जब सगर लेहेराकर किनअरोको अप्नी बाहोम समाजएगि जब पवन हरा खेतोमे मन्द गतिसे सारी फसलको झुलाने लगेगि जब गगनोमे चान्द बादलकी पर्देको हtaकर मुस्कुराने लगेगि जब बारीस होनेकी बाद सारी धर्ती तृप्त होकर खिल्ने लगेगि उस अनुपम घडीमे सारी दुनियको … Continue reading

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बर्षातको मौसम्, बादल  आकाशमा पौडी  खेल्दै थियो, राती परेको पानीले जमिन चिसै थियो र माटोको सुबास हावाको बुइ चढेर घुमिरहेको थियो । एक बर्षको परखाइ र रहर पछी हामीलाई हिन्दू तथा बौद्ध धर्मावलम्बिहरुको महान तिर्थस्थल गोसाइंकुण्ड घुम्ने अवसर जुरेको थियो । धार्मिक उद्देस्य भन्दा पनि काठमाडौंको कोलाहल र दिक्दारिपूर्ण दिनचर्या सँग  केहि दिनकै लागि भए पनि … Continue reading

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On sexuality and morality

Sexuality and morality remained deeply interconnected for centuries and still continues to do so. Sexuality and morality could not be departed and treated individually for centuries and the social construct of present day society still adheres to this centuries old … Continue reading

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Everything in this city is jammed-up – from the road traffic to internet traffic, civil service to communication network, electricity supply to water supply, individuals’ brain to constitution writing and what not- this is what most of the Kathmanduites complain … Continue reading

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Mystery behind the white clouds

Can it be that the phenomenon of appearance and disappearance of white clouds is just a simple manifestation of the basic functioning law of nature or universe or the whole of this existence? If not then what is the mystery hidden behind these white clouds? Continue reading

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Charismatic Kalinchowk

On our way to kalinchowk we climbed up the steep hills sometimes drinking chhyang in the roadside hut and some time smelling rhododendrons. It was a summer day and the hill was challenging when we were temporarily stopped due to … Continue reading

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A short trip to the epicenter of modern nepal

It was just and ordinary day when i with one of my friends planned to go to gorkha for a short trip. Gorkha is historicaly a significant place as it was here from where the unification of modern nepal was … Continue reading

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