Everything in this city is jammed-up – from the road traffic to internet traffic, civil service to communication network, electricity supply to water supply, individuals’ brain to constitution writing and what not- this is what most of the Kathmanduites complain and you will hardly find any things that is not jammed. The circulatory system of this whole city perhaps needs some lubricants otherwise Kathmandu will continue to suffer regular system failure for an unknown period of time in future. Everyone here in this valley needs a release, a catharsis, an outlet and a moment to get relaxed. So, why not leave this crowded and rowdy city and release ourselves at least for a single day or more.

Chispani with snow-capped himalayas in its background

Chisapani with snow capped himalayas in its backgroundAre you the one who share this feeling in your heart but is still jammed up again inside your office, school, workplace, Business and continue to suffer? If yes than come on wake up, kick out these jamming  stuffs and get ready to move. Do you know for how long has been Chisapani inviting you in its lap?

Many seasons have passed away, a lot of political changes have occurred,  Kathmandu crowd has risen exponentially, hi-5 era has jumped to facebook era but the magnificence of Himalayan ranges to the north of Chisapani still is so vibrant as it was in the days of ancient saints, the chirp of birds in Shivapuri conservation area sounds as melodious as your personal favorite- Lata Mangesker or Aruna Lama , air in Chisapani still is so fresh that it can re-energize whole of your body and majestic hills there are so persuading that at least for one moment you will stop walking, calm down your heartbeat and say to yourself ah this is the sort of place I always wanted my dream house to be located.

Chisapani is an awesome place lying en-route to Gosainkunda trekking route to the north east of Kathmandu valley but for those interested for short trip Chisapani can be the best option. Chisapani is a   single day trip for a motorcyclist and cyclist but for those who are walkathon runners or hike-lovers it’s a two day trip. You can reach Chisapani form several entry points such as Nagarkot, Sundarijal, Kapan, Muhan pokhari.  Among these routes, through-shivapuri route to Chisapani is suitable for hiker and adventure mountain biker but cycling this route demands a real tough guy; an average cyclist should not risk cycling this route. You can fetch a bus up to muhan pokhari either from NAC or jamal or chakrapath as per your convenience and you will be on winning side as early as you make your trip. Chisapani is at a height of 2200m (approx) and the climatic condition is not much different than that of the ktm-valley except a little bit chills you will experience there. As this route covers a jungle trail you are wisely informed not to make a one man trip and remain safe throughout your jungle safari. Regarding fooding facilities you won’t find any type of shop (may be teashop, restaurant, grocery) until you reach Chisapani along this trail as it is completely a jungle safari with an exception that babaji and mataji above Bagdwar (source of Bagmati river) may offer you with tea and that too free of cost provided that they be present there in their hut where they have been staying in solitude. On some occasions you won’t find them if they are out of the station and other likely people you may meet through your hiking/trekking is fellow hiker/trekker like you or a fire-wood collectors and grass-cutters from along side villages. Shivapuri is about three hours walk from the gate below to an average people. You can reach Shivapuri through two ways one from Nangki Gumba (a nun monastery) which is comparatively easier to walk but costs you an extra forty five minutes and the other is a step-road that you will meet after about 25-30 minutes walk from Shivapuri gate and this way is difficult to walk but saves your time by about forty five minutes. If you want Shivapuri peak (a place where Shivapuri Baba meditated) to be your final destination than you can return back to your nest in a single day but if you want Chisapani to be your final destination than you be prepared for one night stay. It almost takes about 6-7 hrs walk to reach Chisapani starting from Shivapuri gate at Muhan pokhari. You should always be careful not to conduct any anti-wildlife activities (like destroying vegetation, setting up fire, killing

A small lake within Shivapuri conservation area

animals, etc) as this area belongs to Shivapuri Conservation Area, rich in biodiversity and is frequently patrolled by army personnel. Chisapani, a small retreat station for hiker and trekkers lies at a beautiful location from where you can view the Himalayan ranges as if you are looking into the mirror to the north-eastern side and panoramic view of green rugged hills all around. You can find lodges to stay and they offer quite good place to rest. Lodges there in Chisapani offer rooms starting from Rs 200 to Rs 500, high priced room being provided with attached toilet and bathroom and plain nepali dal, bhat, curry costs somewhere around Rs 150.  There are few restaurants offering you with popular dishes like mo-mo and chowmein and some local flavor of fermented drink.

Chisapani is purely a hillside trip and one can follow different routes to return back, some of them include exits through Sundarijal (the shortest one), Sankhu through Jhule (it takes about 3-4 hrs walk up to Sankhu and bus-ride thereafter),  Kakani (this route is a longer one and will take one more day), via Nagarkot (this route requires 6-7 hrs long walk and bus-ride thereafter but if you get late you won’t be able to catch up bus at Nagarkot

Panoramic view of himalayan range

which means you will have to stay there). Though you can make a single day trip if you ride on any engine-gadi this will prevent you from catching up the glorious view of morning sun emanating golden rays, holy fresh air of dawn that blows all the way from Gosainkunda and Himalayas and above all silent and innocent looking night sky full of stars that you can’t view from ktm-valley due to exclusive presence of artificial lights all around.

As there are several entry points (Sundarijal, Kakani, Muhan pokhari, Nagarkot, Sankhu), you can choose and make your travel plan according to your convenience. If you seek help of engine-gadi than you can make a single day trip (remember the road leading to Chisapani is not black topped one but is a kacchi sadak) through Sundarijal, Sankhu and Nagarkot entry points but hiking plan should be made of two days if you are wise enough. As the weather generally remains clear for few months starting from October until February the best time to travel is in the months of November/December when weather is mild, sunny and sky remains clear.

So what are you waiting for? Is that tomorrow? If yes than remember tomorrow never comes, if not now than never so pack up your bags and move don’t just register Chisapani  in your things-to-do list, it’s not worthy of postponement.

Anoj Khadka

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